Growth – our Integrated Report

Read our latest sustainability report that covers 2022


Welcome to our first thinkstep-anz integrated report.

This report tells the story of our growth between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021.

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2020 and 2021 were challenging, successful years for our business

We went from being a small to a medium-sized business – while tackling the challenges Covid-19 brought along. We grew our team, our client base and our client services significantly.

We chose Integrated Reporting because it talks about business value

The Integrated Reporting Framework <IR> focuses on outcomes. It helps us show how our ‘capitals’ – our people, relationships, knowledge, systems, financial resources and the natural environment – together create value for our business, and what we need to do to preserve and grow these resources. <IR> also helps us identify future opportunities and challenges.


We’ve done what we tell our clients to do

We’ve focused on what matters to our business and where we can have greatest impact. We reviewed our Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) (page 11) and updated our materiality assessment (page 12). We’ve used plain English (‘dinner table language’) to tell our story and design to highlight important information.

We produced this report inhouse 

Our Communications and Creative Teams produce sustainability reports (both long and short) for our clients too.

We’re proud to share the impact we’ve had

Thank you to everyone who supported us. We love working with you to add value to your organisations and ours.


We hope you enjoy reading our report.