The impact we're having: our 2022 Integrated Report

Our 2022 integrated report tells the story of our business between 1 January and 31 December 2022. More team members, more clients, more client services, more impact!

The report updates the detailed integrated report we produced last year.

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Our 2022 summary, from Growth for impact, our 2022 integrated report

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We’ve continued to use the Integrated Reporting Framework <IR>

<IR> shows how our ‘capitals’ – our people, relationships, knowledge, systems, financial resources and the natural environment – come together to grow business value. It also explains how we create, preserve and grow these capitals.

We produced this report in-house 

Our Communications and Creative wrote and designed the report. Our strategy team provided technical expertise to ensure we disclosed what the <IR> requires.

Our 2022 integrated report explaining how we create value


We’ve done what we tell our clients to do

  • Focus on what matters and where you can have the greatest impact
  • Use plain English and design to highlight important information
  • Be open and honest and avoid greenwash

Our 2022 scopes and emissions, from Growth for impact, our 2022 integrated report


We’re proud to share our impact

Thanks to everyone who supported us. We love working with you to help everyone succeed sustainably. Enjoy reading our report.