Noa Meron

Noa’s passion for sustainability is strengthened by her belief that all sustainability decisions should be based on credible data. Naturally, this has led her to follow a career in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

With over ten years of experience in environmental consulting and LCA and wastewater treatment, Noa fits well into thinkstep-anz’s growing product sustainability team. Her diverse experience in LCA ranges from packaging to technology focused on the treatment of manure to produce biogas and reduce waste. Noa’s methodological approach and software design skills enable her to write scripts to leave less room for mistakes.

Noa consciously tries to make the most sustainable choice with everything she does in her life, including her work. Her LCA-based comparison between reusable and disposable food containers in a municipality operated kindergarten in Israel fed into their decision to switch to the reusable option, catalysing a similar move for many other municipalities. 

She holds a PhD in Environmental Science and a BSc in Electronic Engineering from Tel-Aviv University in Israel. Her dissertation research focused on LCA methodology, and the life cycle impacts of Israel's water supply system. She also received an MSc in in Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development from Imperial College London in the UK.

Besides working to preserve the natural environment, Noa also enjoys working with natural materials on ancient artisanal craft processes such as basket weaving – a way to understand and connect with the development of humanity.


Areas of expertise: