We won the 2021 Plain English Award for Technical Communicator

We’re thrilled to have won a 2021 Plain English Award for Best Plain English Technical Communicator. We were also a finalist in the category for Plain English Champion — Best Individual or Team. We describe ourselves as ‘translators’ of three languages: sustainability, business and plain English.

This award motivates us to do more! It affirms that translating our technical work into easy-to-understand information, including Plain English writing and simple, meaningful graphics, is the right thing to do. This work helps our clients make sustainability central to their businesses and move to the low-carbon economy.

“This is an outstanding recognition of our team and our approach to bridging the gap between the sustainability tribe and business leaders”, says our thinkstep-anz CEO Barbara Nebel. “This award is something I feel very proud of. It means that our team’s work is being publicly recognised, and it’s a great motivation to do even more.”

The judges’ comments

  • The purpose of the documents is clear from the start. I particularly like the differentiation by audience. The shorter 'nutshell' documents are still packed with information.
  • It's clear from the outset that it's a summary of a far more fulsome report. I found the content incredibly compelling.
  • The language, structure, and visual devices beautifully enhance this detailed and informative content.
  • The combination of plain writing and relevant graphics makes these documents a joy to read.
  • I think both clients should be impressed with these reports and will respect the communicator.
  • These documents are very impactful and interesting. Well done!
  • thinkstep-anz promote clear communication in their field, which they embody by thinking of themselves as translators, rather than consultants.

  • The field you work in and the topics you write about are super interesting, and important to New Zealanders and the rest of the world. I can’t wait to see what you write as you continue on your plain English journey.

  • thinkstep-anz is making an effort to promote sustainability through public-focused blogs written in layman’s terms. They are consciously using plain language to make their message clear and persuasive.

Our thanks to the good people at www.write.co.nz for their leadership in ‘using the power of words for good’.