New framework helps shift to a circular economy

Two of our team are now trained to use a new tool that helps businesses move to a circular economy. Our circular experts, Jim Goddin and Sally-Anne Kasner, are implementation partners for the Circular Transition Indicators (CTI) framework.

‘Circular economy is such a different way of thinking and it’s not going to happen overnight,’ says Sally-Anne, our Senior Circular Economy and Strategy Specialist.

‘But there needs to be a willingness to step back and reconsider the whole system,’ adds Jim, our Head of Circular Economy. ‘If we can design our systems to be circular and we can understand the benefits – over the long-term – then we have a much better chance of a successful transition.'

Tools like the CTI will help with the change. ‘The CTI lets companies measure their circular performance and reduce waste, from a company level to individual products,’ explains Sally-Anne.

A circular economy is an economy which keeps products and materials in use, designs out waste and pollution and regenerates natural systems. Products or business are ‘more circular’ if they follow these principles.

Ready to take the next step? We can explain circular economy and how it can benefit your business – please get in touch.

The CTI Tool was developed by businesses and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. The CTI Implementation Partners training programme ran over six days.