Vi Kie Soo

An award-winning researcher and systems engineer, Vi Kie’s background is a versatile mix of academia and industry. She works primarily in product sustainability with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and EPD projects at thinkstep-anz.

Vi Kie is a strong proponent of life cycle thinking and circularity within industry. Her LCA-focused PhD thesis and Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Australian National University spanned eight years. Vi Kie was the recipient of the Leo Award at the 2018 CIRP Life Cycle Engineering (LCE) conference for her paper on joining techniques in cars and their influence on recyclability. A key lesson for Vi Kie came from working closely with the Ford Motor Company — perspectives from people in industry can sometimes be very different to those in academia. The applicability of research in industrial practice matters.

A passion for holistic sustainability concepts, such as Circular Economy and Cradle to Cradle, and a desire to deliver solutions has driven Vi Kie to transition to thinkstep-anz.

When she is not challenging herself in the office, she can be found challenging herself in the kitchen as she tries to recreate authentic Malaysian dishes she cannot find in Canberra.


Areas of expertise: