Gaya Gamage

Gaya is an experienced LCA practitioner with over 10 years in the field and a broad range of interests in the sustainability arena. She regularly undertakes LCA studies and is involved in the development of Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). She is also an independent reviewer of LCA studies.

She holds a BE in Engineering Science and a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Based in Auckland, she has spent 15 years of her life at the University of Auckland between finishing her undergrad and postgraduate studies, tutoring and lecturing.

Gaya’s Masters studies involved her first LCA with Formway’s LIFE chair in 2004 which focused on finding materials with the lowest environmental impact and are now used in our main offices.

She credits a love of gardening as a gateway for her interest in the environment with a garden full of persimmons, pomegranates, lemons and loquat. When she is not working, Gaya can be found running around after her little boy.


Areas of expertise: