Sustainable packaging metrics in a global supply chain with Zespri

June 2022

Product packaging has been in the spotlight as consumers' concern about single-use packaging and plastic in the environment grows. Additionally, there are increasing international trade and export requirements that affect global supply chains, such as the Plastics Pact 2025 and the Green Deal in Europe.

In this webinar, Zespri’s Sustainable Packaging Lead Lewis Patterson shares how the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit measures and uses packaging metrics within the global supply chain. He speaks with thinkstep-anz’s Technical Director Jeff Vickers and they discuss the most relevant international trade requirements for packaging and how to tackle them.

Here is a sneak preview of the webinar:


 Key takeaways

  • Companies must act

Regulations from governments and expectations from consumers are two powerful drivers for all businesses. Doing nothing is no longer an option – companies need to understand and comply with these pressures to stay competitive. (These drivers include the EU’s Green Deal and the Plastics Pact)

  • Intention might not match reality

Your packaging may be recyclable, but what is the reality on the ground? Zespri sells in many markets and needs to understand each as best they can. Different countries will have different waste management systems, plus consumers could always simply throw the pack in the rubbish.

  • Data collection and packaging metrics are a powerful tool

Modelling tools can help you understand your total sustainability impacts. If one unit of fruit sold in county X has Y carbon emission (through packaging, transport, end of life, etc), and you sell Z units – what is the total there? Combine with the data from all your markets to get your total impact.

  • Tools and networks are needed for accurate data collection

A key part of getting this data involves having the relationships. Ask a supplier – where does their material come from? Can your retailers or contacts explain the recycling system in their country? Having and maintaining those networks is crucial for the worth of your metrics.

  • Material focus – where can you have the most impact?

Fruit labels are a tiny fraction of Zespri’s carbon footprint, but they matter a lot to consumers. Understanding what is material – your stakeholders’ concern measured against your business impact – lets you focus on that will have the most impact