Future thinking, resiliency & action plans during uncertain times

MARCH 2020

Learn how to embrace uncertainty with thinkstep-anz's Phil Tate and Barbara Nebel, as they introduce future thinking for building resilience in this 30 minute webinar. Explore the use of Three-Horizons to reflect on current challenges, define action aspirations and outline initiatives to bridge the two.

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The webinar covers

  • An introduction to the Dilemma Resolution technique that challenges either/or thinking and avoids compromise and conflict to build creative solutions.
  • An outline of Implications Analysis that helps teams create more resilient action plans by considering the broader consequences.
  • Techniques to efficiently surface Assumptions that will be critical to maintaining robust and agile plans within such an uncertain operating context.
  • Tools to rapidly develop Scenarios to enable the assessment of proposed actions in a range of plausible environments.