Carbon: All aboard! Navigating the reduction & offset network

MARCH 2020

What exactly is carbon offsetting and how does it fit into your sustainability strategy? Join your local, expert guides from thinkstep-anz and Ekos for a 30 minute ride through the most important destinations on your carbon journey. 

We did not have the time to answer all questions during this webinar. Find the full list of answers here: Webinar Q&A

The first stop on the road to a zero- carbon future will always be reduction of carbon emissions. However, carbon offset programs with credible carbon credits should be a key part of a well-rounded sustainability strategy to address any unavoidable emissions. 

Barbara Nebel, CEO at thinkstep-anz and Sean Weaver, Executive Director at Ekos will help you navigate the often confusing web of information surrounding carbon offsets.

The webinar covers

  • Introduction to carbon offsets
  • Types of credits, e.g. NZU, ACCU, VCU
  • Different standards and verification processes, e.g. CDM Gold Standard, Plan Vivo
  • How carbon offsets relate to the emissions trading scheme, e.g. NZ ETS
  • Carbon offsetting myths
  • Offsetting as part of a carbon strategy